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PPC Spy helping you dominate Pay-Per-Click playground

What Are The Best Keywords To Bid On Google Adwords

December 30th, 2008

The use of the right keywords plays a vital role in documenting the success story of your Google adwords campaign. You very well know that there is an endless array of keywords that you can bid for on Google. This simply means that if you try to penetrate this industry manually, you will end up spending years and years to achieve the kind of success you are looking for. Since you probably have already realized the power of PPC Bully, you are unlikely to go the manual way. PPC Bully can help you know the best performing keywords without needing you to go for any frustrating trial and error phase. However, even when you are using PPC Bully, there are several things that you need to keep in mind. Here’s a brief rundown on the same.

Grow Slowly And You Will Definitely Succeed On Line

It is not just the right keyword that determines a positive ROI. There are two other factors as well that include the way you have designed your landing page and the script you are using in the Google Ads. It means if you are combining the right keywords with the wrong ad script, it is of no use. Your target users will just look at your ads but they won’t be clicking on them. The same goes for the landing pages. If you are using the right keywords and the best performing ad script, but if you have designed the landing page poorly, you will again have a losing campaign. Your target audience will visit the page but you won’t be able to convert them into successful leads. A positive ROI thus is directly proportional to the conversion rate – that where you have to focus your Google adword campaign. The higher the conversion rate is, the better the ROI will be.

However, some people have this concern that since PPC Bully is used by so many users around the world, the chances are high that the keywords you find have already been found by other PPC Bully users. This way, the keywords may not be that profitable anymore. Well, this is not the true picture. It is very important for you to understand that unlike other such services, no other user can see your account in PPC Bully. It simply means whatever you find is completely yours. This way, the fact is that your options with PPC Bully are endless, but the chances of overlap are very little. In order to completely avoid the chances of overlap, you have to be as creative as you can – using just the absolute obvious keywords is not the smart approach. Moreover, if you are into affiliate marketing, you are recommended to try several affiliate networks instead of sticking to just ClickBank.

Overall, if you have already started running your Google Adwords campaign with the help of PPC Bully, I will recommend that you learn from every step - grow slowly and you will definitely succeed on line.

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